End of the school year.. Phew!

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Wow.. I'm exhausted!  My oldest is finishing up kindergarten!   The end of the school year is rough.  For the last 2 weeks, it seems like we've had something to do every single day.. from field trips.. to field day... to party day...and the list goes on!   

I go from being panicky about all the "to-do's" I have to do... to having a little cry fest that my oldest is finishing kindergarten.  Why does this make me cry?!?!  I have no clue!   

Even though life has been crazy hectic lately, I've still created a few new printables this week!  Woo hoo!  My shop is a business.. but it's also a creative outlet for me... that greatly helps me when I'm stressed!  :)

Here are the new printables!  I'll probably add some variations of each - I love these quotes so very much!  I like black and white printables... but I'm a sucker for a pretty floral!  These are kinda trendy, kinda funny, kinda GREAT!  :)

 You're My Kind of Weird - Floral Printable Wall Decor


 You're So Extra - Black and White Printable Art 

 Love Grows Best in Houses Just Like This - Printable Wall Art


You're My Kind of Weird - Black and White Printable Decor


My "plan" is to add a few new listings each week... we shall see!

I've also recently created an Instagram page AND a Facebook page!!  I'm so nervous about both, and it's way out of my comfort zone (just like this website/blog), but it I did it!



Have a great afternoon!


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